The PadMan All Stainless Steel


The PadMan is our top of the line Orbital Floor Cleaning machine. It does the big jobs faster and easier than all its competitors. It cleans carpet, stone, grout and tile, concrete, wood, and more! PadMan uses our patented three speed technology and is perfect for the serious business owner.

  • 180 lbs. total w/ 84 lbs. head weight
  • 1 1/2 Hp stainless steel wash down motor
  • Inverter has variable speed up to 3750 RPM'S
  • Attached spray system w/60 psi pump
  • 18" profile head
  • Ultimate high speed polisher
  • Cut and polish natural stones
  • Financing available!
  • Custom colors available!
  • Made in the USA!

Product Details

PadMan Details
  • The ONLY PATENTED Orbital Floor Machine). Our three speed system gives you the choice of cleaning speed. Don’t be confused by old world small orbit machines, they clean much slower and require care in operating as to not tip bloom the carpet fibers.
  • On board spray system –  Turns your PadMan into a super-speed encap machine.
  • Utilizes a 5 gallon jug setup – Change your cleaning solutions by simply refilling or use several different jugs to eliminate spillage.
  • Dual sprayer head – Gives an even spray pattern directly to the carpet fibers.
  • Sprayer handle – Gives complete control, is durable, and easy to use.  Apply as little or much solution as the job requires.
  • Fold down handle – Makes transportation and truck storage easy.
  • Easy-Flip up base – Pulling the machine backwards makes the head flip up for easy changing of pads or orbit speeds.
  • 17″ Pad Driver – Supplies optimum cleaning and cleaning speeds unrivaled in the industry. Nothing cleans better or faster.
  • 10″ Wheels -Optimum for taking upstairs – 8″ get caught in stair risers and 12″ is too big. Soft, easy rolling wheels makes maneuvering the PadMan a dream.
  • Extreme Oscillation – 180 pounds extreme oscillation with a head weight to match its power and movement.
  • Easy-Adjust Handle– Adjusted by one twist pin that locks the handle tight.
  • Three Handle Settings – Settings for: folding up for storage, daily transporting to/from jobs, and comfortable machine operating.
  •  100% made in America – This design is rigid and maintenance free.
  • Powered by Industrial 2 HP 3 Phase Lesson motor with inverter. This combo gives you much more power and RPM’s of up to 3700.
  • Electrical cord is 50 foot 12/3 – Lightweight, yet more than ample for our low amperage motors.
  • Easy-touch lever control sprayer – Takes just the touch of the finger, very easy to operate and extremely durable.
  • Red bristle pad driver – Can run virtually any type of pad: cottons, blends, fiber, or even diamond pads.
  • No gliders required. The PadMan operates at such high speeds that are MUCH gentler on the carpet fibers, yet clean better and quicker.
  • Very easy to operate.
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