Trinity Renewal Systems

Renewing the life of your floors.


After 36 years of cleaning carpets and building carpet cleaning machines, I was contemplating going back to cleaning. While I have enjoyed the decades of building equipment and designing machines, pads and products, I thought it would be nice to get back to cleaning on a full time basis again.

So I thought about it and prayed about it and was getting a little frustrated as I wasn’t seeming to get any answers. Then one night on my way to prison ministry, all of a sudden I knew I was being given instructions on what to do.  I started writing as I was driving (not too smart) but the information flowed and soon both sides of a sheet of paper were full.

I was instructed to build a new OP machine:

  • 1st –  I was to patent it
  • 2nd -The machine would have three speeds
  • 3rd – It would have at least three heads

It would take three years to complete this calling, but we here we are and all those things have been accomplished.

The idea that there are three "3′s" seems like a logical reason to call it the Trinity, however it was called Trinity to acknowledge Him who gave me the ideas.


John G.