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Income went up $37,000

I bought the CM in Oct 2012…. tax man says my income went up $37,000 without expenses going up can’t blame anything else but the Trinity.

- Steve Shotwell

The TRS Sport is a game changer for us! I can’t believe the difference in cleaning power this machine has over the other op machines that we have (Orbot & Lowboy).  What used to take us several passes now only takes one. The cleaning capability is simply unmatched and I will be ordering more machines from you in the future.  

- Ryan Wilson

I won your Freedom machine almost 2 months ago and I haven’t used my truck mount since. 31 years with steam and I’m changing all my customers to encap and everyone loves it. One customer is now having me do their company’s carpet because of this.

- Tom Thompson

Just wanted to let you all know that I couldn’t wait to get my box of OC pads. When I opened them up immediately tossed one across the room to my dad and told him this is exactly what we have been waiting for (he agreed). I've been cleaning carpets for over 15 years with pads and I just couldn’t wait to try it out today. This Glad pad is all it’s hype! I absolutely LOVE this new shipment of pads and will be ordering more.

- Brent McDaniel

Results were incredible

Just purchased John’s “special” package for my start-up company. So far the results are fantastic!! Have been working part time for a major HWE franchise on weekends; but they can’t even come close to what John’s machine can do.

I bought the breeze for the lighter weight. It came with everything I could every need on a job! So far I’ve done my own carpets and 2 paying jobs for folks I work with. Results were incredible, and they were very happy. Now I must build my business. I plan on putting out flyers around town to get started.

- Joe Santone

My 4th of July special (aka: the Patriot) came in yesterday. I new it would be a step up from my Breeze but WOW!

This is carpet I had cleaned before and couldn’t believe how much faster it cleaned. When I was done I kind of just stood there looking around like I was forgetting something. I think it took just as long to vacuum than it did to clean.

It was very smooth, vibration free, and easy to handle. The machine felt like it was floating across the carpet while cleaning better and lifting the pile much more than my breeze.

When I got home, I let my 10 yr old daughters take turns at running it with no problems. Hmmmm, cheap labor on the horizon.

John you really have something special in the Trinity!

- Chad Corner

I am new to all this and Patty was awesome and helpful with all my questions. I have every confidence in this system I op’d my carpets last week and vacuumed them last night they are brand new again!! Never have my carpets come that clean again with any other system I have tried.

- Chris Salter

Gone beyond my expectations to deliver superior customer service!

Ever since getting into OP some years ago I have always been treated in the best manner from Trinity. On more than one occasion the Geurkink’s have gone beyond my expectations to deliver superior customer service to us.

- Dave Bigler

I have been getting very good results with my CCS oscillating pad machine on berber carpets.

Though dry vacuuming before application of the cleaning solution is a must. The very low amount of moisture required limits the depth of the solution application from soaking the carpets backing and the vibrations of the oscillating pads exerts effective agitation to the carpet fibers causing the dissolved soils to be absorbed into the cotton terry pads. Customers have remarked that the carpets looked much nicer and dried faster then when other cleaning methods were used.

-Ellard Gann, Conquest Carpet Care

Awesome! We are swamped with end of the month move outs. Did $1100 today, $800 tomorrow and Wednesday we have $1300 on the books. Just me, my Conqueror and a helper.

-George Wills

I can’t believe the versatility of this tool!

I really want to thank you for the Step Son stair tool you sent me a few weeks ago. It works extremely well for cleaning stairs, and about 3O% faster than our old stair tool and truck mount system.

I can’t believe the versatility of this tool. It’s so much faster and easier than pulling in hoses. So far we’ve cleaned mattresses and box springs, also several small spotting calls, outdoor furniture, and even one small water damage (air conditioner leak).

If your other OP machines are half as good as the Step Son you probably do have the best cleaning systems.

- Steve Gholson, All Regional Carpet Cleaning

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