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Carpet Care Service Van

In 1974, Gerald and John Geurkink (father and son), launched their carpet cleaning business named Carpet Care Service. The machinery was rather primitive and their experience was nil. They started using a wood floor buffing machine on residential carpets and a rotary machine for doing commercial grade carpets. The oscillating floor machine was not made to handle cleaning carpets and the down time for repairs was very excessive.

This father and son team re-manufactured parts to bring them up to the stress levels needed to handle the friction and pull of working on plush residential carpets. Often, this required them to make the parts out of stainless steel or carbon steel to accommodate the particular needs of the system. Nearly all of the parts needed to be upgraded or redesigned in order to insure a smooth and consistent running of the floor machine.

As time went on they started using the now, much improved floor buffer to clean the commercial grade carpets as well, giving them much more desirable results.

Fast forward to 1987

In 1987, Gerald and John decided to manufacture the new machine and sell the systems to the public. The problem was, they had already put in most of their life savings into investing in building the machines and buying the molds, jigs and templates. With all they had left, which was literally a great reputation for doing the absolute best cleaning job in the county, they started selling their systems.

Many of their machines were sold by word of mouth or purchased by individuals who had been employees. These people saw the potential of what this amazing system could do! When some of these individuals moved out of the area, they asked if they could purchase a system and begin their own companies. These pioneers found great success ... so much that it made their own employees want start their own cleaning business.

At the time, few knew about orbital machines. No one seemed to care and no one had experience with them. Yet the results continually spoke for themselves.

Over the next couple decades, Gerald and John continued to create and build new machines that were faster and more dependable than the ones before them. This made the company, and their machines, even more mainstream than before.

Eventually competitors noticed the amazing success the Geurkinks were having and began copying what Gerald and John had created. These other companies claimed to invent this new technology, but they didn't, and they were always trying to catch up to our latest innovations. Carpet Care Systems Int. (now Trinity Renewal Systems) was the first to develop these orbital cleaning machines and are the only company to hold the patent for this technology.

Continual Improvement and New Machines

In 2002 Carpet Care Systems came out with a new series of machines called the Conqueror Series. These machines were: the 15″ Conqueror, 15″ Breeze Lite and a 17″ Breeze Lite machine. These machines had a larger orbit and cleaned approximately 40% faster than our competitors. Because of the large orbit they required larger motors, so our competitors started putting larger motors on their machines as well and then claimed similar technology. However, our competitor’s machines didn’t clean better or faster.

When our large commercial machines, the Brutes, came onto the scene, OP was faster than most methods out there and on commercial carpet virtually impossible to beat in cleaning quality or efficiency or Return on Investment.

In 2011, Carpet Care Systems came out with the New Trinity CM, a totally new design, plus added benefits as the “Patented” 3 speed system, wheels on the ground design, spray system and the new Rug Beater making this the most versatile machine in the industry. Now we have several 100’s of companies doing business with the “Carpet Care Systems” cleaning equipment. This system is a culmination of almost four decades of working in the carpet cleaning industry, and a consistent desire to perfect the system and improve the carpet cleaning industry.

The Trinity with its patented three speeds and patented larger orbits are changing the industry and making cleaning easier, better and much much faster, do not be fooled by those who claim any of this technology, simply stated only Carpet Care Systems has this new technology and it is patented.

We have changed our name to Trinity Renewal Systems with the advent of the Trinity High Speed machines. These machine have three speeds all faster than any other OP on the planet plus they are patented.


For Manufacturer of the Year 2003

John Geurkink of Carpet Care Systems, Versailles, Kentucky.

John and his father Gerald have spent years developing oscillating pad carpet cleaning machines, born out of their own cleaning experiences with VLM equipment that was constantly breaking down on them.

John realized what was needed to improve his pad machine, and has spent over 2 decades using and improving upon that OP system.

Recently John introduced the Conqueror, and now the Breeze – both more powerful and larger then the original CCS 1/3 HP pad machine.

Along the way John also developed grout and tile cleaning brushes for his equipment, and a chemical line to replace his original solvent cleaning chemical. In addition, he also produces an HWE cleaning chemical.

John, Gerald, and Patty, John’s wife, deserve credit for all of their years of hard work which directly benefits cleaners who are interested in VLM cleaning, and those cleaners who also use HWE.

In fact, John may be responsible for finally bringing together VLM and HWE cleaners (started at the first Summerfest in Columbus, Ohio, 5 years ago), who now realize that there is not just one method of cleaning, but a variety of choices depending on the cleaning job, and the type carpet you are cleaning.

Finally, John hosts a BBS service for all cleaners who like to exchange their ideas openingly, and discuss their businesses.

John has contributed much to this industry, and deserves to be considered for this award, even if you don’t always agree with him.

Bob Savage
SummerFest 2003

Woman of the Year 2002

Patty Geurkink, Founder and President

For about the first time ever, we are one of the first ones back home from a Summer or Mini, Fest. It was great to see our old friends again, as well as meet some new ones. Whom we hope are now “old” ones. Lots of good times, great laughs and just good fun.

Congratulations to Patty Geurkink for the “Woman Of The Year”! A more deserving lady there never was than Patty.

Jackson Lloyd

Summerfest’s Cleaner of the Year 

Gerald “Grumpy” Geurkink will be “Summerfest’s Cleaner of the Year” when the annual event is held this year in Portland, Ore., Sept. 15-18.
"It is fitting that Dad was selected for this stellar award, because he was a real pioneer and innovator in the industry,” John Geurkink, Gerald’s son and business partner, said. “Our family has always been proud of his accomplishments, and we’re so happy to see him recognized by the industry he worked in and has loved so long.”

Summerfest is a grassroots gathering of cleaning industry professionals.

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