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It was only after the CM was invented, patented and tested that we came to see that it was doing superior work on all types of flooring, i. e. wood, brick, concrete, vinyl, grout and tile, carpet and rugs. To our total amazement, it was a surprise to find that, at the time, it was far and away the best stone machine on the market.

The extended patented orbit size and speeds enabled the CM to do what no other OP machine could. We knew extending the orbit would cause faster cleaning, however we never imagined that this would give us the ability to do so much with one machine. We were first in coming out with the high speed orbitals years ago bringing OP into the competition for speed and depth in cleaning ability. Now with the newly patented head system, we offer speeds unheard of before yet all the while improving cleaning quality.

Since the CM first debuted, we have added the Freedom, Rock, Beast, Beast Jr., Spirit, Grumpy, Eraser, Freedom MX, and Sport to our Trinity Series family.  With the addition of each machine, OP has been taken to a higher level of speed and cleaning.

The current Trinity Series machines for sale are:  the Sport (the first OP swing machine), Freedom MX, Grumpy and ERacer (that cleans up to 16,000 sq ft per hour at up to 3750 RPM’s) and our newest machine, The Liberty.  Also available is the StepSon and StepDad, our hand held stair and upholstery machines.


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